Working with my Mum – @jpeckettphotography

Since I started this whole western fashion thing, I have been fortunate enough to do it with my Mum behind the camera.

I’m sure by now you have seen some of the amazing photography that comes from the lens of @jpeckettphotography, because I always share it on my Instagram. It’s so much fun working alongside my Mum while doing these shoots because it makes it so much more comfortable and easy going.


We’ve laughed, walked through bees and prickles, and been honked at by a few travellers during a couple of our shoots; but these memories are what make me love I do. We’ve had a lot of funny ‘BTS’ moments…

My Mum is a complete natural. She has never taken a photography class and still claims that she only started out to take photos of her children. She still doesn’t see how professional her work is. Only just recently, since we started shooting together has her photography been noticed by others and she has already been given a huge amount of opportunities.

If you haven’t already, give her a follow!

Our shoots are never organised. It usually starts as a “Hey Mum, what are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” type thing and we go from there. Finding different locations and poses have been our biggest challenge, but I guess we have only just started this whole model photoshoot business so we are slowly getting better!

I’m very thankful to have such a supporting Mumma, who I can do this alongside. She knows my good angles and is always there to fix my hair when I need.

Thanks old girl, you’re the bomb!

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