DIY – vintage cupboard makeover

Hi all!

So I finally had a weekend at home where I could get soooo much done around the house. As much as I love going away on weekends, it’s so good to just get the house clean and have all the washing done.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do up an original and vintage cupboard for my kitchen. My kitchen is tiny and doesn’t have enough bench space for cooking or cupboard space. This cupboard was from our family property. My Poppy brought the place in the early 1980s and this cupboard was in the house from the previous owners, so she is definitely an original!



After a little dust off, I gave her a HUGE sand down. The timber was very fragile in some areas so it was important to sand with caution. I used left over paint that we had in the shed. After 3 layers of white paint, I wasn’t sold on the full white look, so I gave her some life with this stunning left over blue I had from a desk I painted. I originally wanted to paint the doors & draws blue as well, but I didn’t have quite enough paint to do two layers, so I stuck to the bench and draw handles.

Because of the vintage feel and look, I didn’t have to do a professionals paint job (thank goodness). The home job paint gives it that extra vintage feel and it doesn’t take away its original character.



I’m absolutely stocked with the outcome & how well the cupboard sits in my house. What do you think?

Thanks for tuning in!

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