Life Update

Yes I know, I’ve become a bit slack lately when it comes to keeping you updated with what’s going on in my life lately, but life is sooooo crazy right now! So I thought it would be easier to share it all in one post.

Work: My apprenticeship is going amazing! I’m having so much fun & learning so much. I’m thankful for such a great opportunity. At the moment I am working on ultra-class haul trucks, like the big gear! There is still so much to learn, but I’m more motivated then ever!

Moving out: Corey & I finally moved in together into our own little home, even though it’s only a couple of streets from my parents place 😉 we are going very well, and it’s such a precious chapter in our lives. Home decorating is so much fun, when I can afford it! What are you thoughts on me doing a little blog tour of my home?

Adding to the family: Now that Corey & I are settled into our new home, and me being the crazy cat lady I am. I bought home a little kitten & with it being Corey’s birthday a few days away, it was the perfect surprise! “Henry” brings us so much joy & had claimed us within a matter of seconds.

Henry 💛

Horses: Settling into my new job & my new home, I must admit I have been a little slack when it comes to competing with my horses; however I did enter Chevy in his second ever barrel race a couple of weeks ago, and he behaved so well. I promised myself I’d start doing more this year, so what a good time it is to start now.

Well there you go, that’s pretty much what’s happening in my life at the moment. How are you going lately? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for tuning in,

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