Cruising with P&O – New Caledonia & Vanuatu

Good morning!

I have some exciting news to share with you all, and some beautiful photos! As some of you may have seen on my Instagram, Corey & I travelled the Pacific Ocean from Brisbane, Queensland to New Caledonia & Vanuatu with the wonderful crew of Pacific Aria (P&O).

Before I begin telling you about our wonderful adventures, I will be doing seperate posts for the three islands we visited; therefore I will keep this post as a brief overview of where we went & our overall experience! 

Our holiday began on the 10th of January where we flew to Brisbane & aborded Pacific Aria on the 12th. Our time in Brisbane included A LOT of shopping and spending money of courseg (what else are holidays for).

Cruising the ocean is an experience like no other, especially when you’re on a sailing resort. It’s amazing looking out to see endless ocean while you’re kicked back drinking cocktails, you should try it sometime 😉


Our cruise looked a little like this:

  • Day 1: depart Brisbane, at sea.
  • Day 2: at sea.
  • Day 3: arrive at Noumea, New Caledonia.
  • Day 4: arrive at Mare Island, New Caledonia.
  • Day 5: arrive at Port Villa, Vanuatu.
  • Day 6: at sea.
  • Day 7: at sea, arrive back in Brisbane.

Days spent at sea are far from boring. We spent most of ours playing bingo, watching shows, drinking alcohol, in the casino or eating. Quiet relaxing, right? So if you’re worried about your cruise being boring, Pacific Aria provides plenty of activities that catered for all ages.

Our holiday simply went to fast & reality was right at our doorstep in no time. It’s always hard going back to work when you were living up the island life four days before!

Now, keep an eye out for my upcoming post about each place we visited while we were on holidays (Noumea, Mare Island & Port Villa), there are a some stunning photos to come & I’ve got a few tips that may help you!

If you’re interested in cruising the ocean like we did, I 110% recommend sailing with P&O. Click here to check out their website. I’m in the process of trying to pick our next one!

Thanks for tuning in,

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