Pinterest – Gypsy Cowgirl

In my eyes, an outfit isn’t complete without a little sass. I love someone who dresses to them true self, and an outfit that tells it’s own story. So, looking through Pinterest as I always do, I came across a style that I’ve always wanted to try. Now I have no idea what you would call it, so I gave it my own name – “gypsy cowgirl”.

My input of this style definitely include some kind of aqua coloured, fringe, leather or cowhide accessory. This then gives the outfit so much character; and I say ‘the more, the better’.

With this style, I also love how it can also be a cheap alternative. Essentially, you could buy cheap jewellery from Lovisa (Lovisa is this only place I shop for jewellery… I love it!) and you would look exactly like these photos. Or you could buy a unique piece that has got an expensive price tag. It’s the same with the jeans or t-shirt you may wish to wear. It’s completely up to you, and that is what I love most about this style.

What I also love about this style is how you can choose to stay casual or you can dress it up. You could wear a dress or jeans, heals or boots; it’s a complete all round trend.

The photos I have added are ideas I have gained from Pinterest. I absolutely adore this style and I can’t wait to try it. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

Kay (2)

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I’m Mikayla, a 19 year old Aussie, born & raised in the heartland country of Central Queensland. In my spare time you can find me riding my horses, travelling with my boyfriend Corey, or spending quality time on couch doing some very important pinning on Pinterest. I love connecting with and meeting new people – so I’m less than a message/email away! Kay x

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