Upper Stony Creek, QLD

If you’ve read my other most recent post “Dem’s 19th on the Coast“, you would have noticed that I promised to make a post about our Monday spent at Upper Stony Creek. I decided to create its own post, because… well… this place simply deserves its own post.

So, since most of us had Monday off work, we decided to go exploring before we headed home from Demi’s birthday weekend – in which we decided to go to Stony. We found ourselves travelling north of Yeppoon towards the Byfield area. At the moment the drive is beautiful with all the green, hilly surroundings with plenty of life.

I had been to Upper Stony Creek before; however it was years ago with my family, and all I remember was that there was a dirt road. Even though I have a small Holden Cruze and Demi owns a Mazda 3, our little go-go machines made it without hesitation. The dirt drive is stunning with the many pine trees through the National Park.

There is a camping area and a day area, obviously we set up at the day area with some of Dem’s family where we had a relaxing swim in the clear-crystal water and a yummy BBQ lunch. What a perfect way to start the week, right?

I’m so thankful for beautiful places like this close to home. I think Central Queensland / The Capricorn Coast goes unnoticed for the many, beautiful attractions we have. What a wonderful place to call home.

Sadly our weekend had to come to an end sometime, so Shanae & I headed back towards home, but not before we completed our last leg of shopping in Rockhampton. Hehe, not even sorry.

Then there it was, another successful weekend had come to an end. I am forever thankful for the beautiful group of friends I have.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kay (2)

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