Partying in Airlie Beach

Half of myself is telling me that I need to focus on sleep and treating my liver with proper care. The other half is telling myself that you only live once.

Airlie Beach, The Whitsunday’s, its on everyone’s bucket list. Surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and people from all over the world, Airlie Beach Queensland is a fantastic spot for adventure, meeting new people and partying all night long.

Friday afternoon, my friend Shanae and I headed 6 hours North with some of our work friends ready for a huge weekend! If you’re ever heading to Airlie Beach and you’re thinking of having a quiet night in, you’re in the wrong place.

Friday night we met so many new people and partied with them like we had known them for years, and that goes for pretty much everyone you meet while in Airlie.


Saturday then come along ready for a short recovery before a swim in the pool. We stayed at ‘Waters Edge Resort Whitsundays‘ located right behind the main street. The location was awesome as everything we needed was walking distance. The best thing about beach communities like this, is that it is completely normal to walk around in a bikini top and a baggy set of pants.

After our trip down main street and our swim, us girls then settled for wine & cheese and a nap before heading out for round 2.

There were 4 main places we drank and danced at while in Airlie being:

  • Magnums
  • Paddy’s Shenanigans
  • Boom Nightclub
  • Mama Africa

We finished the night in the best way – eating chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers at McDonald’s down the road.

If you’re ever wanting to experience a holiday in the Whitsunday’s, I definitely recommend staying longer than one weekend, as well as visiting the famous islands nearby such as Hamilton Island and Whitehaven Beach. Plus, there are so many other touristy things you must experience like sky-diving!

I hope you enjoyed reading up about my weekend!

Kay (2)

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