Girls Weekend – Yeppoon, Queensland

The weekend goes way to fast, especially the ones that mean the most. Last weekend I headed towards to coast to catch up with my two of my closest friends, for some much needed girl time.

I headed towards the east coast on Friday afternoon after work, towards Yeppoon to catch up with some of my greatest friends from school. I love visiting Yeppoon, in fact Corey & I visit and stay there quite often. Yeppoon is one of my many favourite places in Central Queensland because of the small community that is filled with many visitors every year, and the salty, positive vibes that are always spread.

Now, if we weren’t at the beach, we were definitely drinking wine. In fact, we spent a majority of the day at the beach enjoying the UV rays and cool waters, and the night drinking lots of wine.


Saturday morning was spent shopping in my favourite shop – Gypsy Lane. We then spent Saturday afternoon at Cooee Bay, the closest community South to Yeppoon’s main beach. After a couple of hours of enjoying the beach and taking many Instagram-worthy photos, we then started our afternoon/night of partying.

After a couple of bottles of wine, we then headed to Main Street where we spent the night dancing along to the local band and the DJ at the Strand along with Maui, another one of our high school friends. The night included lots of laughter and dance-offs, and just a couple spilled drinks. To say the least, we sure do know how to have a good time.


Sunday morning included a morning full of recovery and a much needed breakfast at Whisk Yeppoon. After breakfast and a little stroll down the main street, we then headed back to Demi’s cute little beach house where we found ourselves listening to Elvis on vinyl with our feet kicked up.

After our little morning of hanging around, Demi then took us to one of her favourite beaches along the scenic highway called Kinka Beach.

Kinka Beach is beautiful! I highly recommend visiting Kinka Beach if you are ever in the area. I love the white, soft sand and how quiet the beach is. You could almost say we had the beach to ourselves.

Our next stop was Pebble Beach. Pebble Beach is one of my favourite spots around the area and as Shanae has never been there before I wanted to show her the beach made out of rocks instead of sand. Pebble Beach located in the area of Rosslyn Bay and the Keppel Harbour, with a walking trek nearby that gives you a view over the ocean and Keppel Islands.


After some much needed ice-cream and lots of time in the sun, sadly the weekend was coming to an end and it was time to head home. Thankfully in just two weeks we will have another weekend on the coast celebrating Demi’s 19th birthday.


If you are ever wanting to travel to the coast, I definitely recommend visiting the Capricorn Coast around Yeppoon. The area isn’t as busy as places like Airlie Beach, but it is definitely a relaxing getaway.

A weekend away with the girls is an essential every now and then. I am so excited for many more to come!

Thanks for staying tuned in,

Kay (2)

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