Pinterest – Boho Home Decor

As always, I’ve had my head stuck into Pinterest looking at many ideas – especially to do with home decor as Corey & I are planning to move into our own place next year. I find it hard to narrow down to my favourite home decor trend. I love the farmhouse look, as well as a little bit of Scandinavian; however I have narrowed my favourite down to boho.

I love a fresh look with plenty of whites and touches of colour, and I think thats what I love so much about boho. Below I have attached my favourite Pinterst favourites of boho home decor.

Living/dining Room: 

As you can see by the pins below, I love how everything is fresh and full of life; yet they have no particular sequence. Everything is in it’s own place doing its own thing. I love the real ‘home’ feeling that is being spread throughout the rooms.


Once again, I have chosen pins that are are fresh and white, but what I love most is the touches of green and nature added into the rooms. The rooms are full, not clustered, which I find to be an important note when decorating a bedroom. Having to much in a room makes me feel uncomfortable.


I LOVE the colour tiles added into the bathrooms below! I absolutely LOVE this touch. If I was to design my own bathroom, picking a patterned tile would be so hard, simply because I love all of these colours!


That’s all for now from my “Pinterest – Boho Home Decor” favourites. Added below is the direct link to my Pinterest Home Ideas board, check it out for more of my favourites.

This post is a little different to what I usually would write about. Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed it.

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