On the Road Again – Longreach QLD

On the 22nd of September, Corey & I set out to follow my family out to Longreach, QLD to visit some of our family and for the 2017 Longreach Cup. I was lucky enough to score Friday off work, so Corey & I drove and stayed in Emerald Thursday night as a nice little retreat – where we would meet my family Friday morning ready for the 417km drive.

The drive was long of course but so worth. I love visiting Longreach. It’s originality & unique vibe is enough to explain why it is loved by many tourist. Not to mention the history and lifestyle. It’s amazing.

Once we arrived Friday afternoon, we visited a family-friend’s property, which included fishing in the mighty Thompson River and exploring the old sheering quarters. Mum & Grandad gave us a mini tour of the quarters where they used to stay when mum was a child, while Grandad would muster for work. The place was full of memories and many unique items; however it was such a shame to see the place it is now.

Saturday we woke to head down Main Street for breakfast and some shopping, followed by the day at the Longreach Jockey Club for the annual Longreach Cup. Let’s just say… the crazy Queensland heat was in a hurry to return after winter, because boy oh boy, it was hot! Although, we sure didnt let the temperature ruin our day.

As I usually do, I entered the Fashions on the Field where I once again walked away with 1st place and some amazing prizes! I’ll be sure to do a mini blog on my outfit shortly.


Saturday then ended with dinner at the Birdcage Hotel and the NRL semi finals on T.V. #nqcowboys

Sunday came around way to fast! Sadly, our mini road trip was coming to an end, leaving it time to pack up and head back home. I had a fantastic weekend catching up with family and visiting our west again. I love everything except for the heat out that way.

Thanks for reading!

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