The Gemfields, CQ

A few weekend’s ago, Corey & I traveled to the Gemfields for a day to catch up with his family who were camping there for the weekend. The trip took us about 1.4 hours, where we first stopped at Sapphire for their monthly markets & then headed to Rubyvale where we did some gem fossicking.

The Sapphire markets were made up of locals who were selling a range of goodies – ranging from plants, souvenirs, food & second-hand goodies. I bought four different succulents, which I have now made into a DIY Terrarium, and Corey bought a few spring rolls… they were so yummy!

After our quick stop at the markets, we then made it into Rubyvale to meet up with Corey’s family. Sapphire to Rubyvale is 8.5km (5.3 miles), with plenty to see along the way… like camels! Once we met up with Corey’s family, we then went for a walk to Rubyvale’s Gem Gallery where we found many gems priced between $1000 – $34,000.

Once we seen these prices, we thought we would try our luck and go find some of our own gems. We hired some gem mining gear from the caravan park and headed west of Rubyvale to hopefully find some of our own.

With no luck, we didn’t manage to find any along the creek bed; however Corey did manage to get his car stuck… It was one of those moments that is going to be joked about at the Christmas lunch table every year from now on. I mean, even though Corey didn’t find it all that funny at the time, the rest of us sure did.

Lets just say Corey has now sold this commodore and upgrade to a 4×4 Holden Colorado… haha!

After half an hour of Corey & Mark (Corey’s father) trying to recover the car, we finally headed back into town. With no luck of being gem miners, we bought a few sand bags from a local shop that already had gems hidden inside, so we were guaranteed to find something. Even though these ones weren’t worth near as much as the ones we saw at the gallery, the excitement was just as real.

Sadly our day trip started to come to an end, so Corey & I had to head back home. I have adventured at the Gemfields before, and I highly recommend spending a night or a few if you are ever in the area. Especially during the tourist peak during Winter, the history and mining is definitely interesting, with many activities catered for all ages!

For more information on what to do or where to stay at the Gemfields, click this link.

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