Fashions on the Field – Dingo Races 2017

Good morning from Central Queensland!

I must admit, I’ve been a little slack with keeping you updated on my day-to-day life… but I have been busy & cool things are happening! Work has been fantastic, my horses are going great and overall things are looking awesome!

With everything that’s been happening, I thought I would share with you my most recent winning last weekend. So, last weekend Corey & I headed to the Dingo races with some of our friends, where we camped, partied & bet our money away.

Once again, just like the Alpha races in one of my recent posts, I entered the Under 18’s Fashions on the Field, where I took out first place… again… for the third time in a row! Now, I’m not meaning to sound cocky, but what a confidence boost this has given me. In all honesty, until this year I have never won or placed in something like this, and it feels fantastic!

The fashion included a Winter/Spring look, which I followed with my closed in heels, bell sleeved bodysuit, 3/4 length skirt & floral accessories.

  • Bodysuit: Boohoo (online)
  • Skirt: Stewarts
  • Fascinator: Totally Fascinating Fascinators
  • Heels: Famous Footwear
  • Earrings: Lovisa

The annual Dingo Races is also celebrated and known by the ‘Dingo trap throwing competition’, which is very similar to the sport, discus. The aim of the game is to throw your dingo trap as far as possible, and the furthermost trap wins. I must say, it’s quite funny to watch.

For photos on the Dingo Trap Throwing competition, click here.

The weather stayed cool, the band played all night & the people stayed funky. What an awesome weekend. Thank you Dingo, we will see you again next year!

Thanks for tuning in folks, I hope you’re weekend was as eventful as mine!

Kay (2)


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