Not-so-happy Wednesday

Do you ever just get hit with the days where you don’t feel your self worth, and feel well… completely worthless? I hate to admit it, but yes I do. I feel that when I’m constantly trying to find and achieve good things, it can all become too much.

Today, I’m sitting at work not feeling 100%. I don’t know if it’s about the news articles I’ve been reading about what’s going on in the world, and the negative impacts such events can cause, or whether it’s because I currently can’t do anything, which is making me feel completely worthless. Or, maybe its a bit of both.

I explained in my Mystery Blogger Award post that I love people who show emotion, and that I find nothing wrong in feeling the need to cry. In all honesty, I cry all the time. I love crying to myself and excepting that sometimes things just don’t work out.

Sometimes I feel that when I’ve constantly been trying to impress and improve for a long time, I become exhausted and disappointed in myself. I find that I do get tired of always trying to stay positive, that sometimes I just need a break. Guess what? It’s completely fine!

What I’m trying to say is that we all have our down days, and its completely fine to feel a little out of place. I encourage you to let it all out when needed. Maybe treat yourself to a scoop or two, or ten of that ice-cream, sit down and watch P.S I Love You and cry your eyes out. (That’s exactly what I’ll be doing when I get home!) Down and alone time is always needed during days like this.

To conclude today’s post, I want to say thank you. Thank you to you, for taking the time to read/listen to my not-so-happy day. I love how I can express my feelings to my readers and feel 100% confident in my emotions and thoughts. So thank you.

Remember if you need it, I’m always here for support or even a little chat. Its completely fine to feel a little down every now and then, and I’m more than happy to try and comfort you on those days.

So here’s to my not-so-happy Wednesday!

Kay (2)

My thoughts are also with those effected by the terrible events occurring around the World at the moment. Reading through these news articles makes me feel so disappointed in some of the acts a human can choose to do, but also proud in the ones who stand together and find the strength to carry on and help those in need. It’s just another example of how positivity can shine through such negativity. 



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I’m Mikayla, a 19 year old Aussie, born & raised in the heartland country of Central Queensland. In my spare time you can find me riding my horses, travelling with my boyfriend Corey, or spending quality time on couch doing some very important pinning on Pinterest. I love connecting with and meeting new people – so I’m less than a message/email away! Kay x

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