➳ Welcome to GypsyRoad.Blog

Hi there & welcome to GypsyRoad.Blog,

I’m Mikayla, an 18 year old diesel fitting apprentice, horse-crazy & waffle loving Central Queenslander.

  1. A little about myself.
    ➳  I am currently in my first year as a diesel fitting apprentice with BMA.
    ➳  My whole life I’ve grown up owning and competing with horses. I currently own two, Frosty & Chevy.
    ➳  I’m the biggest Miranda Lambert wannabe, except I can’t sing or play guitar. I’m just overly obsessed with her style and attitude. I want to be a woman who is nothing but myself.
  2. What drove me to start blogging?
    ➳  In high school, I loved long essays and research journals (Modern History was definitely my favourite), so I thought blogging would be a great way to continue my love for writing. I also love connecting with and meeting new people, and what a fantastic way this is to do so.
  3. What do I blog about?
    ➳  Pretty much everything. I wanted to create an online space full of real stuff, like stuff we all face in day-to-day life. Everything from life lessons, travel experiences, inspiration, and whatever else pops up in my crazy life.
  4. What do I seek to achieve in 2018?
    ➳  This year I am strongly focusing on my apprenticeship, spending time with family and my boyfriend, and to make sure I enjoy every single moment.
    ➳  I hope to make a change. I’m hoping that even in the smallest of ways I will somehow make an impact on someone, whether it’s through my blog or not. I’m a strong believer in equality and I hope to spread happiness and kindness around like confetti, until you are 110% sure of your self-worth… because you’re worth it.

So thank you for stopping by! I’m so excited to meet new people through my adventurous life.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kay (2)

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