➳ Welcome to GypsyRoad.Blog

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by and having a little look at my online journal.

I’m Mikayla, born and raised in Central Queensland, Australia. I found a passion for writing during high school and started my blog in 2016 during grade 12. Three years later I’m still here, but I’ve also gathered a high interest for western fashion.

Growing up around horses I’ve always had an eye for the country life. My family, has had a long history of working on the land and the woman in my life have always inspired me to be hard working, but always staying classy and in style.

I’ve always loved the American western style I see all over Instagram and Pinterest; however its something that hasn’t entirely reached the heartland of Australia. So I find it a fun challenge to ‘normalise’ it here, and there are so many girls and boutiques that are doing it too, but putting our own little twist to it!

So feel free to join me through my crazy adventure of life and my own uptake on western fashion.

Kay (2)

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