➳ Welcome to GypsyRoad.Blog

Hi there & welcome to GypsyRoad.Blog,

I’m Mikayla, an 18 year old diesel fitting apprentice, horse-crazy & waffle loving Central Queenslander.

  1. A little about myself.
    ➳  I am currently in my first year as a diesel fitting apprentice with BMA.
    ➳  My whole life I’ve grown up owning and competing with horses. I currently own two, Frosty & Chevy.
    ➳  I’m the biggest Miranda Lambert wannabe, except I can’t sing or play guitar. I’m just overly obsessed with her style and attitude. I want to be a woman who is nothing but myself.
  2. What drove me to start blogging?
    ➳  In high school, I loved long essays and research journals (Modern History was definitely my favourite), so I thought blogging would be a great way to continue my love for writing. I also love connecting with and meeting new people, and what a fantastic way this is to do so.
  3. What do I blog about?
    ➳  Pretty much everything. I wanted to create an online space full of real stuff, like stuff we all face in day-to-day life. Everything from life lessons, travel experiences, inspiration, and whatever else pops up in my crazy life.
  4. What do I seek to achieve in 2018?
    ➳  This year I am strongly focusing on my apprenticeship, spending time with family and my boyfriend, and to make sure I enjoy every single moment.
    ➳  I hope to make a change. I’m hoping that even in the smallest of ways I will somehow make an impact on someone, whether it’s through my blog or not. I’m a strong believer in equality and I hope to spread happiness and kindness around like confetti, until you are 110% sure of your self-worth… because you’re worth it.

So thank you for stopping by! I’m so excited to meet new people through my adventurous life.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kay (2)

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I’m Mikayla, a 19 year old Aussie, born & raised in the heartland country of Central Queensland. In my spare time you can find me riding my horses, travelling with my boyfriend Corey, or spending quality time on couch doing some very important pinning on Pinterest. I love connecting with and meeting new people – so I’m less than a message/email away! Kay x

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