Pinterest – Autumn Favourites

Here in Australia we are now in our last month of Autumn, slowly making our way into Winter; however the weather here in Central Queensland still feels a little warm to bring out our knitwear and scarves. Since I forever live on Pinterest, I thought why not make something out of it. I thought that in today’s blog, I would share with you my top Autumn favourites.

I love denim. I don’t think denim will ever go out of style, and you can wear just about anything with it. For an autumn feel, I recommend wearing denim jeans or denim skirts (depending on the temperature), with a cute/casual top. A little something like these pins I’ve added below.

This probably comes more from personal preference, but I love the idea of keeping Autumn tones neutral, with nothing too bright (whites, greys, blacks etc.) and of course red & orange tones for that real Autumn feel.

I love Autumn for this reason. Who doesn’t love wearing jeans in this beautiful weather that’s not to hot or to cold? I love it!

For more fashion ideas I love (not just Autumn), check out my Pinterest account below.

Tell me your thoughts.

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