We Should Be Friends

“I just want to say thank you for letting me use my heartbreak and sharing that with me.” – Miranda Lambert (2017 ACM Awards).

Anyone else completely obsessed with Miranda Lambert? Because I sure am, and I have been every since I heard ‘New Strings’ back when I was twelve years old (2011) on the Country Music Channel (CMC). In fact, I was so obsessed with that song back then, I even changed the lyrics to make my own version about my horses. “And I’ll grab the reins and I’ll point him west, pack the good and leave the rest”. Yes, weird I know, but weren’t we all at that age?

I simply fell in love with Miranda due to her on going self belief and the way she inspires me to be nothing but myself. I often find myself driving with Miranda cranked on the stereo, pretending I’m some kind of badass, leaving me with nothing but a feel-good vibe. Lambert’s newest double album, ‘The Weight of These Wings’ has stolen a place in my heart. I love an artist who connects with their audience through both their good and bad times. The songs in this double album were all written by Miranda Lambert, in correlation to her recent divorce with ex-husband Blake Shelton.

If you haven’t already, go have a little look at the videos on Lambert’s Instagram @mirandalambert. Through short videos, Miranda explains her heartbreak behind her new album, and the songs she wrote herself. I’ve added one below so you can have a quick sneak peak.

This year marks eight years in a row of Miranda Lambert winning Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2017 Academy of Country Music Awards, where she is now making history.  Lambert also took out Album of the Year with ‘The Weight of These Wings’, making this her fifth time receiving this award.

“I’m just glad to see females kicking ass these days. I’m proud to be a part of that.”
– Miranda Lambert. (2017 ACM Awards).

My mental strength drives forward due to such talented inspiration like this. It’s important to look up to and learn from others, so we are capable of gaining an understanding of the obstacles we are faced with that aren’t necessarily wanted, and how we can over come them.

To all the females that play an irreplaceable role of showing strength and courage, such as my mother, role models, and good friends, I say thank you. Without knowing, we are impacting each other is some kind of way. The strength in the female community is growing, and without the strength you show (in whatever that may be), is increasing the ability we have to ‘kick ass’, like Miranda says.

So thank you.

Kay (2)

To all the strong, loving, and inspirational females reading this blog, yes you! We Should Be Friends!!

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