Easter 2017 – Hervey Bay, QLD

First of all, I hope the Easter bunny found you, and your long weekend was filled with joy! I definitely had a fantastic Easter weekend, one to remember actually. My family, Corey and I drove down to Hervey Bay (our first time visiting Hervey Bay) and visited family friends since they had just recently moved there. Our weekend was very relaxing, filled with love, happiness and of course, CHOCOLATE!!!

Day 1 – Friday:
We left home Friday morning, ready for a 7 hour drive down the Bruce Highway, headed towards the coast. We stopped for lunch at the Miriam Vale Café and spent an hour enjoying the beautiful little community, and their newly renovated park. We arrived in Hervey Bay around 4pm. We got a little lost trying to find Col & Robyn’s place, but eventually we made it. Our family friends, Col & Robyn, live a 2 minute walk from the ocean, so we were definitely in the right location, and lucky enough to have fantastic weather all weekend. So, once we arrived, we took advantage of the beautiful Queensland coastline, and went for an afternoon walk along the ‘Esplanade’, and ended the day with a BBQ.

Day 2 – Saturday:
Saturday, we started the day doing my favourite… shopping! Mum, Robyn, Corey and I headed to the Hervey Bay Stockland, while Dad, Col and my brothers took the boat out fishing. Being the day before Easter, Hervey Bay and Stockland were packed with people enjoying their weekend just as we were. For morning tea we stopped at the Coffee Club (I mean who doesn’t love the Coffee Club!), where we enjoyed their new coconut frappe range, and lots of goodies.

While the boys were out fishing, they caught around 5 fish each. Sadly none were quite big enough to bring home, but just by the look on their faces, my two brothers really enjoyed the experience. We spent Saturday afternoon at Jump Park, which definitely tested our fitness levels. If you ever travel to Hervey Bay, I highly suggest visiting the Jump Park, it’s definitely a lot of fun if you like trampolines.

Corey, Blake, Colby & I ready for some fun at the Jump Park.


After the Jump Park, we then went for a lovely afternoon walk down the Urangan Pier, that stretches for almost one kilometre into the ocean, making it one of the largest pier’s in Australia. The views the sunset were providing were picture perfect. So much positivity filled the air as other people were enjoying the view just as we were, and others were spending their afternoon fishing off the pier. There were smiles all round. After our walk along the Urangan Pier, we headed back home for a BBQ with Col & Robyn’s neighbours, a few drinks, and a few games of pool.

Day 3 – Sunday (Easter):
We woke up Sunday to lots of chocolate! Along with a beautiful bacon and egg breakfast. After breakfast, we then headed down to the beach and enjoyed a swim in the freezing water. As the weather is coming into Winter, we spent more time out of the water then in; however the sun was still out and the weather was beautiful.


After our play on the beach, we headed to Toogoom, a beautiful little community located 20km from Col & Robyn’s place. We enjoyed lunch at ‘Goodies on the Beach’, a lovely little restaurant on the seaside. Beach vibes filled the air with local, live music, wonderful seafood and of course, the beach. The food was amazing and the people were even better. It was a fantastic Easter lunch.

Sunday afternoon we spent fishing off the boat ramp, enjoying the wonderful sunset views; however we weren’t lucky enough to catch a lot of fish. Blake was the only one out of all of us who actually caught something, and all we caught were mosquitoes. The afternoon views were beautiful as you can tell from the photos below. Hervey Bay is spectacular!

To end a wonderful Easter Sunday, we had homemade pizza for dinner and played celebrity heads. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much! 

Day 4 – Monday:
Monday morning was a sad one. No one really wanted to leave the beautiful coast and head back home to go to work or school the next morning. So we had a little sleep in, and tried to put the drive home on hold for as long as possible. The drive home was really busy, as everyone was driving home on the busiest highway of Queensland (The Bruce Highway), and unfortunately a few road users didn’t make it home. My thoughts and prayers go out to the ones affected and hurt in the car crash south of Maryborough. There isn’t anything more devastating.

We did make it home safely, and I spent the last few hours of my long weekend riding my horse Chevy.

Now I am currently sitting at work, enjoying the spare time I have to write this blog. I also wish my boyfriend, Corey a wonderful 19th birthday today. I honestly wish the weekend didn’t have to end, but now its back to reality.

I hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing weekend, just as I did.

Kay (2)

Where did you spend your Easter weekend, and what did you get up too?

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