Lake Maraboon, CQ

As I get older, I realise how beautiful it is living in Central Queensland. I’m guilty of always wanting to live or be somewhere I’m not, but as I grow I realise that this is home. Central Queensland has so much to offer, especially after we’ve just had some rain and everything has been bought back to life. It’s beautiful. The grass is green, people are travelling on school holidays, and there is so much love & good vibes in the air!

Sunday morning we took the day as it came, with no plans. We slept in with a 9am wake up, packed the car with fishing rods, camping chairs and ended up at Lake Maraboon, Emerald. Corey & I followed my family into town, ready for a day full of fishing and relaxation. It was good to see so many people enjoying the school holidays/weekend as we were.

Dad enjoying a fish.

We arrived at Lake Maraboon, a 50 minute drive from where we live, and started the day fishing. Fishing is one of our favourite things to do as a family as we spend most of our holidays camping and enjoying the outdoors. I was lucky enough to score the first bite, and caught the first little fishy (brim) for the day. 

Dad & I with my catch of the day.

During our morning spent fishing, my brother Colby and I caught one fish, and Corey caught two. On the other hand, Mum, Dad and Blake weren’t so lucky. The weather was beautiful. Here in Queensland the weather is starting to shift from Summer into Autumn, therefore there has been a change in temperature during the days. Thankfully, we aren’t experiencing 40+ degree days anymore, and the Winter feel has started to arrive, leaving us the perfect weather to be out in the sun.

Colby with his catch of the day.
Corey with his first catch.
Mum & Blake enjoying Lake Maraboon.

After we finished the morning fishing, we then went back into town for some lunch and headed back home. I’m so thankful for simple, yet memorable days with loved ones like this.

For anyone travelling through or living in the Central Queensland region, I highly recommend visiting Lake Maraboon near Emerald. It’s perfect for a day trip, or even a few nights with the awesome caravan park and cabin facilities available, along with the Lakeside Café. There are even activities such as kayak and boat hire, catering for everyone. The lake is huge and perfect for skiing and tubing! This place would make an awesome weekend on the water, camping with family and friends.

For more information on Lake Maraboon, accommodation etc. Click here.

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