My Simple World

It’s quite easy getting caught up in the big world, worrying about things like work or school, that we often forget the beauties in our simple world. I refer to the ‘simple world’ as a day by day kind or world, where life is easy, relaxing, and full of love. In other words, my kind of ‘simple world’ is going home.

The 28th of January 2017, was just another weekend we spent at home (and the old fella’s birthday weekend); however this one was a real eye opener. After being caught up in the worries and stress of dry land, with limited water and grass for months and months, we drove home to find the complete opposite. Our wonderful homeland of 100 acres is currently filled with life and smiles all round. Not just us, but also the cows, birds, and our two angels flying high above.

“Home Sweet Home”


It’s so wonderful what a little bit of rain can do in areas like this, so we took advantage of our full dam, and spent most of the weekend in it. Who doesn’t love a cool dip in Central Queensland’s crazy degree heat? We sure do! It would have to be years, since I have seen that dam so full, and let me tell you now, it makes a great backyard pool.

The hours spent in the dam were followed by BBQ lunches and late afternoon walks to take in the beautiful views, all surrounded by family. That’s how simple my ‘simple world’ is, and it’s so precious.

Mum, dad and Lola enjoying the afternoon around the dam. 

My two younger brothers, Blake and Colby, enjoying the view from the top of the land cruiser.

Our red dog ‘Frank’, enjoying the beauties of home. 

It’s amazing how a simple view can distract away so many worries. Out here it’s kind of like a separate life. When home looks this good, there’s nothing to do but relax, because anything that haunts you from your ‘big world’, suddenly disappears. It’s a one of a kind detox.

Beautiful, breathtaking afternoon views. 

The views are that beautiful, that I didn’t have to edit any of these photos! Amazingly, they are all original; however it’s not just the beautiful scenery that makes this place home. It’s the memories, stories told and beautiful people that make this place the true definition of ‘home’. Every single time I go home, I get this warm feeling inside, that makes me so thankful to have this touch of paradise apart of my life.

My ‘simple world’ is quite simple, and that’s what makes it so special. Truth is, we don’t need everything the ‘big world’ tells us we need. Its quite easy to get by in life with the joys and happiness our simple worlds provide. Mines home and loved ones.

Sometimes it’s hard having to face the big world, so my advice, stay simple and stay you. It’s things like this that make life so much easier.

Kay (2)

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