Appreciate the small things

“There is nothing more comforting than the love of a best friend.”

This year has really given me a wake up call. I’ve been awaken with the ability to see through the things that don’t really matter, and to closely look at the things that really do. Senior year is meant to be a crazy year. It’s meant to be different and it’s meant to be yours, and it entirely is. Your last year doesn’t need to be like the movies; in fact it only has to be what you make it to be. If you’re making your way through year 12 like I am, or if you will be in the next couple of years, take this blog as a reminder.

I’ve lived through most of my high schooling years worried about popularity and what others think of me, only to find that I was living it completely wrong. It created nothing but stress and most of the time, unhappiness due to the amount of friends I had that weren’t really friends.

Recently there have been a few things that have made me realise that something good always comes out of the bad. Moving schools to start my final year of high school tested one of the greatest relationships in my life. Even though starting at a new school has given me new life-long friends, it has also tested one of my distance and greatest friendships. It has tested our friendship on the distance set between us, and the way our own lives get in the road, kind of like a boyfriend-girlfriend distance relationship. It made us stronger. Going months and months without seeing your only true friend, and worrying more about where your life is going to take you, instead our your lives together is tough; however what does make it easier is the way we haven’t forgotten about each other. We can go weeks without talking to each other, but when we do speak again it’s like we saw each other yesterday. We have seen each other three times in the last 8 months, but our continued friendship really has made my senior year a whole lot easier, and happier.

This blog is kind of a best friend appreciate post; however it is also a lesson for others to take consideration of. Obviously, we aren’t all put in the same situations, but if you are ever facing a tough time, remember to think of the things that do matter and do make you happy. Appreciate the ones that are always there, your best friend, boyfriend or family, because without all of them, I truly don’t know where I would end up emotionally.

I lost my pop this year, only 10 months after I lost my uncle, both to cancer. They have definitely been two of the toughest times I have had to face, but they have also been a wake up call, in their own way. In no way have they been easy times to pull through, but they have reminded me of the people I’m surrounded by and the love and support I receive. Plus now I have two of the most inspirational men looking down on me, and for me that is more than enough. It’s times like these that make you realise that the petty little things that bother us, aren’t even worth bothering over.

This year I’ve been caught up thinking about all the negatives and trying to think of way to become a happier person. Although what I didn’t notice is that I had all the happiness I needed. I’ve got everything I need, I’ve got beautiful family and friends, a loving boyfriend, my horses to keep me occupied and a part time job. The dark cloud still hangs around; however its more of looking forward to the rain, instead of being upset about no sunshine.

Therefore, I guess all that I am trying to say is, stay happy. There is so much more to life than those little things that are bothering you right now. If you are making your way through your senior year, make sure you enjoy it. Forget about anything that tries to bring you down. For those with their senior year ahead, don’t waist it, because it sure does do by fast. Enjoy every moment, and hang onto that beautiful friend or friends that you have, because there is nothing more comforting than the love of a best friend.

You know what to do, make those memories and stay positive.

Kay (2)

Just a little something for you Kaels, because you’ve given me nothing but the best. Thank you for our amazing 5 years of friendship, and the many more to come. Love you girlfriend x 


2 thoughts on “Appreciate the small things

  1. Mikayla, I have just read all your blogs. What a wonderful and healthy attitude you have to life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It truly is an encouraging and challenging blog. I think that you have a future in motivational speaking or as a guidance officer or youth worker. I look forward to meeting you as I work as a teacher aide at your high school. I look forward to reading more of your life’s journey in future blogs.

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