Crazy Statistics.

Today’s research changed my whole point of view on life, and took it to another level. Everyone knows the world’s population is a huge number, but how well do you know the other statistics? Today in my Geography lesson, I found out these other statistics, only to find they would create a huge influence on living life to the fullest.

I quite enjoy geography, so maybe that’s why I found these statistics so interesting; however I believe that they are interesting in their own way. The realistic representation that they hold is literally unbelievable, so unbelievable that I had to stare for quite a while.

Our class research included researching world population data. Clicking onto wasn’t just opening any new webpage, it was opening an extra eye. The current world population is 7,435,947,916 and rapidly increasing. Sounds about right, right? However what didn’t sound right was the number located next to deaths today. As I stared at this number it kept increasing faster than I could blink. Never would I have guessed that 107,402 people have died today. Then to think that number is increasing as I type and as you read this, is completely unbelievable.

Life and death is a topic I think about quite a lot. How precious is life? There’s just so many questions. That statistic did bring this topic back into my thoughts; however what made it even more outstanding, was the statistics I found of 20,038 people who died today from hunger, 645,784,235 people with no access to a safe drinking water source, and 571,816 suicides this year.

How is it that society and the people around us are so largely worried about little things, when clearly there are other problems around us that need the most attention? We are told and taught about some of the most disturbing and life threatening problems, yet we seem to do so little about it? I know it’s hard to make a change in these situations, and there’s only so much us as people can do to help. I guess it’s just frightening and disturbing to see these kind of figures.

What I’ve learnt from this however, it just how precious life can really be. As we may not see these problems occurring around us every day, they definitely are happening elsewhere. These statistics have been a freshener and a reminder for myself in a way. Even though I found these statistics to be quite disturbing, they have reminded me of the beauties in life, and how lucky I am to wake up every morning with what I need to make it through the day, both physically and mentally. As they have inspired me, I wanted to write this blog to inspire and remind you of how beautiful your life is, I hope I’ve accomplished that.

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